Ready To Say “I Do”?

For many of us, our wedding day is a pivotal moment in life and a tradition that we look forward to all our lives. But when the time comes to jump the broom and say “I Do” it can all be very overwhelming. Venues, caterers, attire, entertainers; how can you make sure your special day will all come together? Unless you’ve been married many times before, a wedding planner will be the one person in your corner, dedicated to making your dreams come true.

Your Special Day Blog is committed to giving you tips, tricks and support to making sure you know what to look for when your planning your big day. We want to make sure you’re asking the right questions and getting accurate answers before you sign on the dotted line. We’re here to give you advice on how to choose a budget and how to stay within that budget.

We advocate for Wedding Planners and we want you to know why.


Thanks for reading,

Danielle Rose


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